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The 2020 Ford Bronco in Bend OR is set to have a huge comeback next year, but will it be as amazing as everyone is expecting?

The Bronco will be revamped by Ford for the first time since its last production in 1996. The Ford Bronco will assuredly have a notable rebirth after it is updated with south-after off-roading capabilities and modern upgrades.

In 2017, Ford announced the idea to offer the Bronco once more. Since the announcement, people have been anticipating the release of the new off-roading Bronco. The wait is over, the Ford Bronco is projected to be released by 2020 Ford Bronco in Bend OR in the United States.

During their 2017 announcement, Ford recently confirmed that Bronco would be made in the United States. Sources state the new Bronco will be assembled at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant, where the new Ford Ranger is also assembled. Ford explained their need to keep production cost down despite investing $850 million for the production including that of the Ford Ranger.

People are also expecting the 2020 Ford Bronco in Bend OR to be a hybrid after the brand confirmed opting to combine a variety of features found in its most popular car models. Nevertheless, a hybrid model has excellent capability and fantastic fuel efficiency. The new Bronco will also come with a 2.7-liter EcoBoost with 325 horsepower. Since it will be available globally, it will also offer a diesel engine option.

The Bronco will feature front and rear axles with their state-of-the-art AdvanTEK gear technology. The AdvanTEK gear technology will make the Bronco a more competitive option, when considering off-roading vehicles.

Ford's objective, is aimed to create the new Bronco to be an off-roading competitor, against the Jeep Wrangler. It will include removable doors and solid front and rear axles. It is also believed it will be available with an Air Roof, lift-off panels for open-air driving.

While the official exterior design has not been released for the 2020 Ford Bronco in Bend OR there is already talk over the internet that the Ford Bronco will be more like the Everest. On the other hand, others assume that it will look similar to the Ranger, while some believe it will resemble the Troller.

The Ford Bronco is expected to be released on the market by 2020, although most car experts believe that it will be featured in the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Though distribution is scheduled for 2020 in the United States, the Bronco will not be available globally until following year. Visit us at TS&S Ford for the latest news on the new Ford Bronco. 

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