When it comes to the ever-popular crossover SUV, there are several contenders to consider. However, two that tend to stand out from the pack year after year include the 2020 Toyota Highlander in Madras OR and the 2020 Ford Explorer. For drivers who are trying to figure out which one of these amazing vehicles is right for them, the comparison here should help make an educated decision.


The Exterior Design

The 2020 Ford Explorer in Madras OR is a forceful, intimidating, and chiseled vehicle when it is looking in someone's rearview mirror. It not only thunders down the road, but those passing by know it means business as well.

On the other hand, the 2020 Toyota Highlander in Madras OR doesn't really have a defined presence. It changes slightly from various angles, making it more of a mishmash of designs and stylings. There are some who have even compared the rear fascia to that of a minivan, which most crossover drivers are trying to avoid.


The Interior

In true Ford fashion, the 2020 Explorer has a wide array of features and cargo storage areas to help drivers remain organized, focused, and safe. Also, thanks to the hard, high-quality plastic design of many of the components, cleaning up spills and messes is a breeze.

The 2020 Toyota Highlander in Madras OR has lost some interior points due to the all-too-familiar PRND stalk - it's time to update this. While the infotainment screen is somewhat larger than the Ford Explorer's screen, the system is outdated.


The Front Row Seating

The seats in the Explorer are plush and firm, offering superior support for both front passengers. The driving position for the Ford is commanding, offers superior sight line, and stands a head over the Highlander.

On the other hand, the Highlander has a tougher view when it comes to seeing the front corners of the vehicles. The seat cushions in the Toyota are also firmer, and there's a strange rise in the middle that has been described as a bit too obtrusive.


Second Row Seating

Each of these SUVs offers captain's chairs that can be folded flat, reclined, and slid forwards and backwards. The second row of seats in the Ford has a comfort level that is equivalent to those in the front. There's plenty of foot room in the Ford, too. The Highlander, however, comes up a bit short in this consideration.


Third Row Seating

The third-row seating is designed mainly for pre-adolescent children. While there's plenty of access to the third row in the Ford, the Toyota makes it much more challenging access.

When it is time to choose a crossover SUV, there is no question that both the Ford and Toyota make a strong case, however, the Ford Explorer comes out ahead. Our entire team at the Madras OR Ford dealer agrees that the Ford stands out as being the best of the best in this class. For more information or to test drive a 2020 Ford Explorer, we invite you to visit us at TS&S Ford Madras to see first-hand what the vehicle has to offer.

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