Are All Spare Tires the Same?

There is at least one thing worse than being stuck on the side of the road with a flat: Being stranded without a spare. There are a couple of types you may want to consider to stay prepared. The first is the donut, sometimes called a compact tire. The second is full-size, just like the regular tires on your vehicle.

A donut is intended to get you out of an emergency situation as quickly and safely as possible. 

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When Shocks and Struts Need Replacement

The shocks and struts on your vehicle are responsible for giving you a smooth, comfortable ride. If you hit a pothole or your shocks just aren't working like they used to, you may find that your ride becomes a bit bouncy and uncomfortable. At our Madras Ford dealership, we want your car to continue running well. With good upkeep, you can expect to have fewer emergency repairs on your vehicle.

Your shocks and struts can be inspected for wear and tear, and any parts replaced that are not in good working order. 

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2018 Ford Fusion – Available Upgrades

The 2018 Ford Fusion sedan comes standard with a long list of incredible interior features. But, with its seating upgrades, you and your family are sure to have an advantage over many other sedan lines that challenge the market today. Visit TS&S Ford for a test drive and find out how advantageous it will be for you and your passengers to ride with class in the new 2018 Ford Fusion!

The 2018 Ford Fusion can make your drive one to cherish, and what better way to take a road trip with the family than with the help of these…
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Staying Safe With Ford's Blind Spot System

Madras-area drivers need to keep up with the times for the best ways to keep safe. And Ford understands how important a commitment to safety is.

One common factor for accidents is being unable to properly check your blind spots.

This is especially true if you spend a lot of time on the highways and need to be able to see to safely change lanes.

Fortunately, Ford has recently released their Blind Spot Information System in a variety of their new vehicles. This technology helps you know whether or not it is safe to merge lanes, even if you are…
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Five Tips For Protecting The Kids During Halloween

Halloween night regularly has the highest number of accidents annually? The reason isn't hard to understand. There are a lot of kids out and about, excited, and paying less attention to the road than they should be. That means that drivers like you have to be extra careful.

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Ask About GAP Insurance as Your Neighborhood Car Dealership

Car owners without GAP insurance are taking tremendous risks every time they drive their cars. An accident has no warning, and in seconds your car could be heavily damaged. Standard car insurance does not cover everything in most cases; only the fair market car model value price is what the company is obligated to pay. Anything more and you could be looking at a significant car repair invoice that you must pay.

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