Compare Electric Car Maintenance Costs vs. Gas

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Compare Electric Car Maintenance Costs vs. Gas

If you're noticing more and more electric cars on the road, then you're not alone. We have had so many drivers ask us about the EV ownership experience. And one question that keeps getting raised is whether or not it is cheaper to drive an EV. If you're curious to learn more about maintenance on electric cars, then TS&S Ford is here to provide more insight. Between electric car tax credits, rising fuel costs and less maintenance over time, buying an electric Ford model can help you save more. Visit our Ford dealer in Madras for more information or schedule a test-drive with us to experience a new EV truck or electric SUV firsthand.

Electric Car Maintenance FAQs at TS&S Ford

Do electric cars need oil changes?

No. Oil changes aren’t necessary for EVs because they are powered by an electric motor rather than an engine.

Does an EV cost more to service?

In most cases, EV maintenance costs are lower than gas service prices because there are fewer moving parts and fluids. A U.S. Department of Energy report from June 2021 explains that the estimated scheduled maintenance cost of a light-duty battery-electric vehicle is less than $.07 per mile. Meanwhile, a conventional internal combustion engine costs approximately $.10 per mile to maintain.

Does service affect electric car cost of ownership?

When comparing electric car vs. gas car costs, it's important to consider how much you'll be paying for service and repairs over time. Most drivers find that they spend less for electric car maintenance costs vs. gas engine service prices.

Are electric cars cheaper to maintain?

Some maintenance is the same for electric car maintenance and repairs, such as Ford tire service intervals and recommendations. However, EVs have fewer fluids and internal parts than their gas engine counterparts, so electric vehicles are often cheaper to maintain. You’ll never have to worry about replacing a timing belt, oxygen sensor, spark plugs and engine oil when you buy a Ford EV in Oregon.

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