Custom Tuscany Trucks near Eugene, OR

Ford F-150 Black Ops.

Custom Tuscany Trucks
near Eugene, OR

If you want to stand out on Oregon roadways and are looking to upgrade to a special edition truck, then visit TS&S Ford. We have a partnership with Tuscany Trucks to bring you Ford trucks that are built to turn heads wherever you go. These new custom pickups boast chiseled exterior details, something you've come to expect from the Tuscany brand, all while offering the performance and capability you trust from Ford. Tuscany is the Ford Motor Company's specialty truck modifier that makes these incredible Ford models a reality. To find out if a new Ford Tuscany FTX or Black Ops pickup is right for you, contact our Ford dealership near Eugene, OR, today.

What Are Tuscany Trucks?

You may be asking yourself, what are Tuscany trucks and what sets them apart from the competition? First and foremost, Tuscany trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art parts such as Fox Shocks, BFGoodrich® tires and BDS Suspension. The BDS Suspension is engineered and manufactured for off-road capability, giving you ideal traction when you decide to venture onto the road less traveled, while the Fox Shocks offer maximum performance factory-tuned precision valving for optimal ride quality. Interested in learning more about what these stunning Ford Tuscany trucks include? The TS&S Ford team is ready to answer all your questions.

Every Tuscany truck for sale at our nearby car dealer may include:

  • 3-year/36,000-mile factory warranty
  • Nationwide service network
  • Compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Exclusive design & proprietary products
  • Lender retail financing

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